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Sunday, February 12, 2006

And more snow!

When I went to bed last night we had about 3 inches of snow on the ground after about 6-7 hours of the white stuff falling. No big deal. When I saw Jeff off to the airport at 5am we had about a foot of snow. What happened?!! Where did that come from? It must have really dumped while I was asleep. When I got up later this is what I saw out our window (ok so I took these about and hour after I got up):

We got caught in the 'blizzard of 2006'! It's already about a third melted and I got to shovel all the snow out of the driveway but it's been pretty. The down side? Logan doesn't have school tomorrow so he's with me all day. He loves school and even though I know he really won't know that school was cancelled the more often he can go to school to help his developement the better.

I finally managed to get a current FLAK picture. This is much closer to the true color of the yarn:

I have put this aside though until the Olympics are over.

My Olympics project is moving right along. I discovered I have enough yarn to do more lace repeats than the pattern calls for so it will take me longer than I thought. I'm still pretty sure I'll finish it long before the Olympics are over though. As soon as I get it finished and off the needles I'll post a picture. Right now all you would see of the shawl is a mass of yarn. I have too many stitches on the needles to be able to stretch it enough to photograph.

Jeff is gone for the next two weeks. Busy working. Although his first stop is in Disney World so I'm not sure how much 'work' will really get done. :-) I get to play single mom for a while. I guess it's practice for the year he'll be deployed in Bahrain.

Must get back to the needles and the Olympics.


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