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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday

I am a football fan. More importantly I am a Seahawks fan (I am originally from Seattle after all). I MUST watch the Super Bowl and cheer on my team. Logan is even getting into the act. He stole my Seahawk cap and has been wearing it. He wouldn't hold still for a picture though. Now I can't just watch it without any knitting going on. That would be such a waste of time! What to do. I can't work any farther on the FLAK. Janet isn't posting the next installment until Monday at the earliest. No problem, I'm loving the process and anticipation. The Aran Weight Victorian Shawl I'm not loving so I need to set it aside to season a bit until I decide what I really want to do with it. It could still end up in the frog pond. The other two projects I have in mind can't be started yet so what's a girl to do? Wait! I know! I'll start something else! Never mind that there are multiple other UFO's calling to me to finish. I'm just not going to listen to them.

I bought a kit for a pair of "pop-up paws" at the last Sheep and Wool festival here in Maryland. Fingerless gloves that have a flap that goes over the fingers to make them into mittens. I've been wanting to try something like gloves and these were perfect. So as I watch my beloved Seahawks lose the Super Bowl, I managed to get this far on the gloves/mittens:

The lovely blue piece of yarn is holding the pinky stitches. I've ripped them out 3 times now because I can't seem to get it to fit right on that finger. The directions say not to increase but I think I'll have to. It appears I have a fat pinky. Actually looking at the picture it looks like all my fingers are fat. do they have diets for just fingers? I still have to knit the flap that goes over the top but that should go quickly (that's what that little ridge on the back of the hand is for). I am really quite impressed with myself. I thought gloves would be, if nothing else a pain with all the fiddly little finger knitting, but I was plesantly surprised.

By the way, do you know how difficult it is for a right handed woman to take a picture of a glove on her right hand? It took me 5 tries to do that.


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