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Friday, February 03, 2006

FLAK back progress

I finished my FLAK to the armholes:

It really isn't that red, I'm not sure what my camera and monitor are thinking but this was the best I could do. It's more burgandy than that. I'm really in love with the color and the Wool of the Andes yarn. The back at the moment is a bit too small for me but I'm trusting my swatch measurements and know (cross fingers) it will relax to the correct measurements.

As far as other knitting projects well.... I'm working on my Victorian Aran weight shawl and am about 2/3 of the way done. I'm not sure I'm loving it but it will be cozy in the colder weather. Someone made the point on the list that it appeared the three lace patterns were stuck together without much thought to how they flow into each other or even look together. I agree. The yarn is nice though and as soon as it's off the needles and to a point where I can get a picture I'll post one. I'm also gearing up for the Knitting Olympics . I have my yarn and pattern and am just waiting for the flame to be lit. I'm gonna be driving Jeff nuts with this one I can tell. I can't wait! I've just swatched for the Mystery Shawl Along 3 and am ready to start. This one may have to be temporarily put to the side to start until the Olympics are over but it won't be too long.

I had a knock on the door yesterday and the UPS man left me a little present, this:

100% natural llama wool. And before you ask, no I have no clue what I want to do with it. It's almost 1000 yards and I'm open to suggestions. I can get more of it if I have to. :-) I fell in love with the colors and the yarn is yummy so in the meantime I'll put it in my stash and let it age and season a little while.

My floors as you can see from the picture above are in and I like the way they look. There is some problems with them not being level which we specifically requested be done and I'm fighting with Empire right now. It's a long story but the short version.... The installers who came back out to fix some other problems once the flooring was in told us the salesman should never have sold us the laminate but carpet instead. The floor we have doesn't work with the laminate. After fighting all week with them I've decided the salesman was a slimeball who wanted the sale. He never even mentioned carpet instead of laminate. Of course as he gets a bigger commission with laminate than carpet since it's more expensive, why should he sells us carpet. So now the best Empire will do is take up the floor and put down carpet for us and let us have the cost difference (never mind that the worst unevenness is in the kitchen where carpet can't be put!) or give us $1000 as a courtesy and we keep the flooring. Since I don't want Empire back in my house we'll probably take the $1000, learn to live with the uneven laminate and NEVER work with Empire again. Live and learn I guess.


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