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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hey all!

Well here's my attempt at blogging. I figure everyone is doing it so why not be a lemming and try too?

I'm a 40 yr old mother of two (my oldest, the 3 1/2 year old has Down Syndrome) who is married to a Navy man. I moved to Maryland from the Seattle area 4 years ago since that's where the Navy decided we needed to be. I gave up everything to move out here and basically started my life over. It was kinda scary but I seem to be doing ok at it. For the most part I have a husband who drives me nuts (but whose doesn't?), two kids I adore (when they aren't driving me nuts ;-) ), a house that seems to always have something that needs doing and fibers that are always calling my name.

The knitting part you ask? Well I've been knitting (or doing some form of needlearts) since I was 9. My stash is no where near the epic proportions I know some ladies' are. Mostly I would like to think that this is because I have self control. Not! More likely it's because of finances. I can't imagine what my stash would be like if I won the lottery! I'd have to buy a house just for the yarn so I could go visit it and pet it when I want to. Or buy a yarn shop so I could justify having a place for all that yarn! My most recent insanity is a KAL that started a couple of weeks ago. Janet Szabo started a FLAK
(Follow the Leader Aran Knit-a-long) on Yahoo and I'm having a blast. We haven't even started the real sweater yet, just swatching but I've learned so much! Janet, if you happen to stumble on this post, you are an absolute gem to take this on! I've also go numerous UFO's on the needles here and there. That's my downfall, I can't seem to get to the finishing part sometimes. I think that's why I decided to do this Knit-a-long.... I'm hoping I'll have incentive to actually finish!

Until next time.


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