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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Navy has left the building

No really, he has! As I type this (if I do the math right) he's sound asleep on the other side of the world in Bahrain. So far I haven't gone completely nuts. Or at least any nuttier than I already am. I mean, what do you expect living exclusively with two kids who have a very limited vocabulary. I'll be lucky if I'm not in a loony bin somewhere by the time he gets home!

On the bright side, before he left I did get up to Yarns International and did some pretty good damage to the credit card. Not major damage though. I'll have to do better next time. The only reason I spent as much as I did was the purchase of A Gathering of Lace. Too many pretty, lacey things to make in that book and since that was the last book I had looked through before I went can you blame me for getting all of this?

Jamieson and Smith Spindthrift in mostly grey with a grey blue accent skein. For the Short-row pullover, I think I may actually have found something lacey and feminine that I'll wear.

Jamieson and Smith jumper weight. This is for the Faux Russian Stole. I may be about 50 yards short but I got all they had so I'll hold my breath and pray. Lovely color called Cinnamon Bark.

This is for..... I haven't a clue! J&S DK weight, 3 skeins, gorgeous Pine green color. Had to have it for, um, stash enhancement. Yeah, that's it. :-)

Tahki Cotton Classic in Black. I need a nice shoulder bag so this is for the Hexagonal Shoulder Bag.

Koigu. For socks of course. Do I have a pattern in mind? No, I just know they will be socks, honest. They will not end up aging in my stash for the next year or so, I promise. At least that's the plan. Very pretty grey with a subtle varigation that I couldn't pass up.

This is some really pretty Manos del Uruguay. Burgandys, browns and blues that are destined to become a pair of felted slippers for me.

So did everyone notice there is absolutely nothing to show for actual progress on knitting? Only stash acquistion? I really have plans to knit lots this summer. Including the Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl. I think I'll need to get some nice pewter colored Zephyr for that. (uh-oh, more stash acquistion) Jeff's overseas for a while and I only have the kids. The only reason there isn't anything to show in the way of progress is we've been working like crazy to get things done around here before he left so I didn't have to worry about too much while he was gone. We did pretty good but not everything got done. Mostly it was little stuff that didn't get done so we're good.

And since he's gone, I'll leave you with the last family portrait we had taken before he left:

Ack! A goatee! Where did that come from? Oh, wait he's been on leave and didn't feel like shaving. You should be glad I got him to clean it up before the pictures. He looked way too scruffy before that.

And since she turned one and according to her, she is the center of the universe (didn't you get the memo?) :

Proud mommy must tell you that the picture on the right ended up on the wall of the picture place we had these done. They thought it was too darn cute.


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