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Friday, May 19, 2006

The emperors new socks

Last night I showed Jeff my new socks in progress and asked his opinion. I should know better.... (sigh) This is the man who I have never been able to knit anything for and who doesn't really understand my obsession (yes, it is an obsession. I like that word better than addiction) with all things to do with knitting. Why he woudn't understand I don't know. He has his own addiction with Warhammer and anything from Games Workshop and can spend long periods of time modeling, painting, and showing them to me all the while expecting me to gush over his hobby. I will admit he has a lot of talent and I'm impressed, but I dont' know how many times I can look at the same miniature model of an elf or dwarf and ooh and ahh over it! I can't model like he can but then he can't knit at all. He tried cross stitch once but he picked a truly difficult project to start with and that lasted about a week. I may have to finish that one for him someday.
Back to the sock. I got an entrelac sock kit about 4 years ago. It was before I had ever tried knitting socks. I saw it knitted up in the shop, thought it was cool and just had to try it. I made 2 or 3 attempts to get it started and finally threw up my hands in disgust and consigned it to the depths of my stash. I've decied entrelac is the work of some truly sadistic person. One of the knitting groups was having a discussion recently about entrelac and one of the ladies there said she loved doing it. I offered her the kit and passed it on to her the next time I saw her. A month later she gave me back the kit telling me her calves were chubby enough and the sock would make them chubbier. Ack! I can't get rid of this thing so I guess I'll have to knit it myself! It's not really that difficult it'll just be a pain to weave in all the ends. This is where I'm at on the first sock:

I'm using Interlacements Toasty Toes with a size 5 needle. I may have to go up a size. They're a bit snug trying to get them on over my ankle. Once they're on though they fit great. I'll just have to see how they fit when they are done. I really love the colors and it's a joy to work with. Unfortunately the colors don't show up too well in this picture. I'll get some better ones when I finally finish these. I showed Jeff the sock like this he said it was great but that my toes were going to get cold. Grr! He can't just give me a straight answer, always has to make a joke! I told him these were the emperors new socks and couldn't he see how beautiful they were? I should be able to finish this up this evening and I'll start the second one just so I can get them out of the stash and the yarn can quit making me feel guilty!

The home improvements are continuing. So many projects in so many states of completion. I hope I have some hair left when it's all done. The fence is almost done, the garden is in (now if I can just keep the rabbits away. Having the fence completed will help), the bathroom is almost completed and we're going out today to get some sort of playset for the two munchkins in the house. And there are a bunch of things still on the list that haven't even been started yet!

My youngest is napping right now and her brother is at school so I'm off to move more brush.


  • At 7:17 PM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    Love the colors and the pattern! So here is a ~ohh & ahh~~ for you. We can't always depend on our men for that but your fellow sock knitters won't let you down!

  • At 11:45 PM, Blogger Alana said…

    Thanks for the positive comments. I hope to have pictures of the finished socks soon!


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